Alignment Jackson

The purpose of Alignment Jackson is to facilitate community-wide collaboration in support of Jackson Public Schools’ strategic plan to improve student achievement.

Alignment Jackson uses the principles, policies, strategies, and technology of the collective impact model Alignment Nashville, to form Alignment Jackson. Alignment Jackson’s target areas include college and career readiness, as well as early childhood literacy.

Benefits of Alignment Jackson:

  • Connecting the community across all sectors to support student achievement
  • Greater returns on investment – by working together toward common goals, resources are leveraged, duplication is avoided and efficiency is greatly increased
  • Higher-quality services – utilizing expertise from multiple organizations guarantees a broader perspective and a wiser approach
  • Enhanced capacity – very few organizations have the capacity to have a community-wide impact. Alignment Jackson’s collective effort enhances the impact of each organization while generating a much greater overall impact
  • Leverage of local funding – the Alignment Process has demonstrated that it can attract large national funding, Alignment Jackson will experience the same which will increase the impact of local funding that played a role in building pilot programs
  • Community accountability – Alignment Jackson provides a strategic way to track and define Jackson’s long-term goals