The facts:
Hinds county ranks 39th in the state in health outcomes, but only 5th in people’s ability to access clinical care.

What we’re doing:
United Way programs provide free medical and dental treatments for people in the tri-county, save an average of 27% on prescription medications, and support organizations that provide shelters for women and children escaping domestic abuse, food pantries and disaster relief.

Our goals:

  • Improving community health by increasing access to health care services by the uninsured and underinsured and/or providing prescription drug assistance
  • Decreasing instances of unhealthy physical behavior, including healthy eating, drug/alcohol abuse, lack of activity, etc;
  • Increasing the use of primary, preventive, and early intervention care;
  • Ensuring that vulnerable women and children have access to safe environments, free from domestic abuse and rape.


Program highlights:
African-American Women’s Health Initiative
FamilyWize Prescription Drug Cards

Our community partners in HEALTH:

  • African-American Women’s Health Initiative
  • American Red Cross, Capital River Chapter
  • Caring Hands Medical and Dental Ministries
  • Center for Violence Prevention
  • Christians in Action
  • Clinton Community Christian Corporation (4Cs)
  • Convenient Care Clinic (Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, United Way, and Voice of Calvary)
  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)
  • FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Cards
  • Karitas Therapeutic Day Care Center
  • Living Independence For Everyone (L.I.F.E.)
  • Mental Health America of  Central MS
  • Mission First Medical and Dental Clinic
  • MS Children’s Home Service’s ARK Program
  • Our Daily Bread, Madison County Stewpot
  • Rape Crisis Center (Catholic Charities)
  • Salvation Army
  • Shelter for Battered Families (Catholic Charities)
  • Stewpot Community Services