Letter from the Chairman

I am honored and excited to serve a two-year term as Chairman of the Board for United Way of the Capital Area.

I am grateful to live and work in a generous community, and I believe in the mission of United Way to improve lives and build strong communities. I look forward over the next two years to working closely with my fellow board members, United Way staff, our strategic partners, volunteers and other community stakeholders to ensure we meet our goals, solve problems and spend wisely.

At United Way of the Capital Area, we are focused on three critical areas of need: health; education; and financial stability. We are working every day with our partners in Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties to help our citizens gain access to health care, increase literacy and graduation rates, and improve financial stability. We are only able to do so thanks to the contributions of our communities.

I am pleased to join a Board of Directors that is committed to being careful stewards of our donors’ investments. Today around ninety-one cents of every dollar raised is invested in local programs and initiatives that improve lives and deliver results. Today we are one of the most efficient nonprofits in the nation, and I and my fellow board members are committed to ensuring that we will operate in the most cost-effective manner possible.
I encourage you to visit our newly updated website to learn more about the work we are doing to Live United, and I thank you for your support of our efforts to create sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our local communities.


Joseph W. Moss
Chairman of the Board
Mid MS Division President