Day of Action 2024

Day of Action

On and around June 21st, thousands of people across the globe will take action to improve their communities by volunteering with United Way for our annual Day of Action. This is not just a day of volunteering but a day of making a significant impact in our communities. In 37 countries and territories worldwide, United Way creates meaningful volunteering opportunities—both virtual and in-person—that make it easy for people and organizations to tackle some of the toughest problems facing communities.

United Way of the Capital Area chose to serve at Hopeful Community Outreach, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi. Hopeful Community Outreach is a local charity (501(c)(3) status) that operates a food pantry and learning center and offers individual coaching sessions. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, Hopeful Community Outreach distributes hot plates and food from their food pantry. Additionally, they host events such as “Getting to Know Jesus,” “Books in the Barbershop,” and “Unity in the Community.”  

Every day, Hopeful Community Outreach is working towards providing awareness and support for education, life skills, and ending hunger. Their vision aligns perfectly with United Way’s mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world. We recognize the value of your organization's mission, so we invite you to serve with us on June 25th for a Day of Action. We will be serving from 8:00 am-2 pm that day, but to learn more about the tasks and shifts, click the button below to sign up.