Frequently Asked Questions

United Way of the Capital Area is a local nonprofit organization that brings our community together and focuses resources on the most critical human care needs in Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties. By partnering with businesses, individuals, government and other nonprofits we’re able to monitor the needs of our community and respond as issues or opportunities arise. As a convener, collaborator, founder and leader in addressing health and human service issues, United Way of the Capital Area fulfills a unique role in making our community a better place. And thanks to the generous support of volunteers, contributors, and concerned citizens throughout our area, we’re helping to improve lives every day.

When you give to United Way, you help provide solutions to the most critical human care issues in our community. You become part of a coordinated, community-wide effort that brings about the changes that matter most where you live and work. United Way of the Capital Area maximizes your gift by combining your contribution with others and strategically investing in results-driven programs and initiatives. Giving hope to kids, families, seniors, people with disabilities and individuals fighting disease, you help our entire community. Plus, with the ease of payroll deduction, you can help others and improve the quality of life in our community without the financial challenge of a one-time donation.

Fundraising is just one part of the immense value United Way brings to our community. By partnering with businesses, government, non-profit organizations, and individuals, we help improve lives and create sustained change in our community. United Way of the Capital Area also monitors our area’s changing needs and focuses resources to provide quality solutions.

United Way of the Capital Area is a local, autonomous nonprofit organization. Like the more than 1,400 United Ways across the country, we are governed by a local volunteer board of directors. United Way of the Capital Area pays nominal dues to United Way of America in exchange for important cost-saving services such as staff training, community research information, campaign products, NFL advertising and ongoing consultation.

In the business of community impact, United Way of the Capital Area incurs costs for fundraising, marketing, year-round support of our fundraising and agency partners, community investment and common business operations such as accounting, human resources, and overall organizational management. As careful stewards of our donors’ investments in our community, we operate our organization with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Around ninety-one cents of every dollar is invested in local programs and initiatives that improve lives and deliver results, making us one of the most efficient nonprofits in the nation.

Trained, knowledgeable community volunteers carefully invest United Way contributions in local programs. This group of dedicated volunteers ranges from community volunteers to business leaders. They carefully monitor community needs, meet with local health and human service agencies, review each agency’s requests for program funding and invest your contribution in programs that do the most good in helping people in need.

The most valuable asset we have is the trust and confidence of our donors and the community. United Way of the Capital Area has a volunteer committee which oversees our organization. We maintain high standards and are scrutinized each year by an independent auditor, who ensures that our fundraising procedures remain the most efficient and cost-effective. We strive to meet the philanthropic goals of our donors.

There are several reasons why supporting United Way is the best way to help the most people in our community. These reasons include:

  • By investing in United Way of the Capital Area, you help provide solutions to the most critical human care needs of our community. You don’t have to choose which need is most important, United Way addresses them all.
  • Community volunteers carefully review each United Way funded program on an annual basis. Their oversight ensures agencies adhere to sound fiscal policies and that your contribution is invested in programs that do the most good.
  • Giving through United Way reduces costly and time-consuming fund-raising efforts for the agencies providing programs. This enables them to better spend their time helping people who really need help.
  • When you give through your workplace campaign, your gift can be spread out over the course of a year through payroll deduction, making it easier for you to support the human care needs of our community.
  • When you give to United Way of the Capital Area, your gift is invested with the contributions of others to help provide a continuum of care for those most in need. This enables you to partner with us in creating sustained changes in community conditions that improve the lives of individuals throughout our area.

Yes.  United Way of the Capital Area's tax ID number is 64-0303075.

United Way of the Capital Area does not fund, nor has it ever funded Planned Parenthood directly or indirectly, at the local or national level. United Way of the Capital Area does not fund, nor has it ever funded any other agency or organization that performs abortions or promotes abortion as the primary solution to problem pregnancies.

United Way belongs to all people of the Capital Area and by its very nature is pluralistic. It is, therefore, not in a position to dictate moral or professional judgment prohibiting participating United Way agencies from enumerating alternatives to problem pregnancies, among which abortion may be listed.

United Way is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people of the Capital Area, including those yet to be born.