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Get Connected

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United Way of the Capital Area has launched a new portal where companies and organizations can streamline the volunteer experience. The Get Connected portal allows agencies to post events to seek volunteers. Likewise, volunteers can seek opportunities to serve. Agencies and volunteers can also use the portal to track the hours served at each event. Below are the five steps to maximizing the Get Connected experience!

5 Steps to Success in Get Connected!


1. Your Profile: Creating your profile is a breeze. Share your causes, 
       community service interests, and the company's mission to start matching with volunteer opportunities in no time.

2. Post Needs: Share your needs with other agencies, volunteers, and the community,
      fostering a sense of connection and collaboration.

3. Get Notified: You can turn notifications on and off so you always know about
     opportunities that might interest you or when someone signs up to volunteer for your 

4. Track your work: Welcome volunteers and participate in the community. Use the
    portal for check-in to track volunteer hours. 

5. Showcase data: The data you collect through the portal is a powerful tool. Use it to
    tell your story, inspire volunteers, and even secure funding or grants. Your impact is
    more than just numbers; it's a story waiting to be told.