Establishing good credit in the community
May 18, 2024

On Saturday, May 18th, the Wingfield High School library tables were filled with notes, workbooks, and pads as attendees eagerly listened for wisdom on financial planning. This event was a testament to the collaborative efforts of United Way of the Capital Area, Community Bank, and Wingfield High School. Their proactive approach to addressing financial literacy in the West Jackson community was evident as Wingfield parents, neighborhood residents, and community members spent their morning learning about budgeting, building credit, and banking essentials.

Kenitra Wallace's leadership as Vice President of Community Impact is apparent in her efforts to coordinate this event. She partnered with Elaine Toney from Community Bank and Katory Williams from Jackson Public Schools to organize the three-hour workshop. Community Bank provided the presenters, lunch, and workbook materials. However, the real value of attending was the opportunity to open a no-fee checking or savings account, a benefit that lasts as long as the account is used.

Hynethia Richard, Community Bank Mortgage Loan Originator, was one of the presenters. “If we came in and we’re not able to relate to them, we just gave them information from a PowerPoint, how is that going to benefit them,” she said. Once attendees completed the entire session, they received a certificate in addition to eligibility for new accounts. “That’s a benefit in itself. Not only the knowledge and information you get but now we’re giving you tools to help you get to success because a lot of times people don’t know where to start,” said Richard.

United Way of the Capital Area's commitment to financial stability extends beyond this workshop. Our Community Impact department has a broader goal that involves partnering with banks, schools, and churches to address financial stability comprehensively. By leveraging partnerships and resources, we aim to meet consumers' diverse needs across different stages of their financial journeys. Wallace aims to work with other banks and credit unions from the Bank On Coalition to address needs, whether starting a business or making investments. The vision is to create a calendar of workshops where everyone, novice or master, can be empowered. By offering workshops tailored to different skill levels and financial goals, United Way of the Capital Area intends to enable a wider audience with the necessary tools for economic mobility and financial well-being.

Kenitra and Hynethia

Hynethia Richard from Community Bank and Kenitra Wallace from United Way of the Capital Area